• How does it work for Licensed Contractors

    Contractors will have an online presence and exposure to their local market via our platforms and various advertising campaigns Tasktopro will run throughout the year.

    Contractors are also able to use tasktopro.com as their booking and scheduling service, bookings are only confirmed when 15% of the total agreed price is paid by their customer.

    Tasktopro will handle the cancellation fees associated with a late cancellation so you can rest assure your booking are confirmed and adequate reminders are sent prior to the booking due date and time.

    Service providers are also able to use Tasktopro Platform to contact their customers via our online messaging, no more spam calls and unnecessary calls

    Service providers are able to bid and accept jobs according to their availabilities and take control of their schedule and times

    Tasktopro platform can be used to prepare invoices sent to customers!


    0 Answers Apr 6, 2021 3 years ago