Account Created, Please Complete Activation!

Thank you for creating an account with TaskToPro!

For the safety and security of all our users and to prevent misuse of this service, we encourage our service providers (Pros) to complete the Identity Verification and Background Check.

Please follow the below steps as prompted in our email to verify your ID and Complete your RCMP Check and if applicable, verify certification. (this will take 5 – 10 minutes)

  1. Create Account (1-2 minutes) – Created
  2. Account Approval (1 – 5 Busines Hours) – In Progress
  3. Complete RCMP, ID and Credential Checks (5-10 minutes to Complete) – Pending Completion

Please Note:
RCMP, ID and Credential Checks will cost $35 which is being paid by Tasktopro Inc. it will be deducted from your first booking made through us. Rest assured, if you end up not using our platform, this amount will be waived!

For any troubleshooting with your account please contact